Design of the future today

Volko Engineering competition entry, August 2016

Team: Vladimirs Volkovs, Katarzyna Burzynska, in collaboration with Jadwiga Sobala

In the research stage of the project we found out that the location of the company’s headquarters is
simply perfect for it to build their multidimensional corporate identity – most of the buildings in Warsaw,
where the company has designed interiors, are visible from the windows of the office in the Warsaw Spire!
Astonished with this discovery we took it as the basis of the idea of the concept and developed it.

By incorporating virtual reality glasses in the project we let the visitors enter the interiors of the
buildings they see through the windows, while still being in the headquarters.

A. A client enters the reception space and has to wait. He/she picks up the glasses, stands on
a designated spot on the floor, which is situated on the axis of a specific building seen through the
window. He/she puts the VR glasses on and find him/herself in the interior of the building, can
walk around, interact.
B. The managers have a meeting with an important corporate client. They can impress the client
with technology, all together explore the interiors in VR, but also present their working process
in 3D thanks to VR.
C. The team can use the VR glasses at work to improve their design process. It is possible to
build the interior while being in it in 3D.
D. After work hours the team can use the VR glasses to play games together, do sports etc. in
any small area such as the reception. They can play golf, beach volleyball, do
paintball – anything – and everything in the office.

The corporate identity of the company was supplemented with light spatial ideas – we filled the space
with rays of wandering sunlight and shadows, as well as subtle greenery to offer a simple
and tasteful space for thought for the employees, who are designers – to prevent overwhelming
them with their surroundings in their creation process, but to allow a free flow of inspiration.

This way we have created an unrestricted, multidimensional interior, which has no real
borders or limits thanks to having a parallel virtual world. Undoubtedly, it meets the spatial
requirements of the design company, as well as gives them an additional possibility of
boosting their workflow, promote and develop themselves and squeeze the most out of
this phenomenal location!