peopleprocesstechnology1In this business we have a lot of competitors but only a few are able to provide the highest quality and customer return again and again. Because we are located in Europe and carry out all the work on the site, we are perfectly capable of maintaining high work ethic and sense of responsibility at all times. We are always willing to provide feedback from our customers, if it is necessary.

What separates us from competitors?

We provide the highest quality, we have the smartest and brightest minds and our pricing policy is reasonable and fair. Your search for a reliable partner stops with us – we are all you’ll need.

In order for our cooperation to take place creatively, efficiently and successfully, we must go through our action plan together. This is necessary for us to jointly realize project goals, objectives and conditions, all of which are prerequisites of success.

Getting acquainted with our work ethic and processes we are sure you will be pleased

The main stages of development and cooperation:

Since our collaboration is a new beginning for both of us, the first step to guarantee your CAD outsourcing success is an in-depth discovery meeting. We want to learn about your operation and current work in order to develop the right solution for your needs.

We are eager to learn:


  • What goals or ideas has brought you apply to us?
  • What do you expect from our cooperation?
  • What kind of projects or activities you intend us to provide?
  • What is your previous experience with similar businesses?
  • What would be the expected amount of work?
  • Is there anything we would need to know before we start to collaborate?

iStock_000003974193XSmall2During implementation of the project it is necessary to stick with your standards and objectives. Therefore, our understanding of each plan must be perfectly aligned with the plans produced by your team.

To make this happen, we need to know the answers to the following questions:



  • Do you have any specific work request form?
  • What is the process of designing plan in your company?
  • What are your companies’ standards and procedures?
  • Do you have any preferences for the flow of information and forms of communication used?
  • What are your data storage and upload preferences?
  • How often are you willing to have online meetings?
  • Do you have any office time sheet preferences?

resultHiring Volko Engineering is not unlike hiring a personal trainer. It’s an investment that will help you boost your performance, and in this economy, maintain your competitiveness in the long run. Once we complete all of the previous stages, we assure you will be more than satisfied and will be willing to return repeatedly.

Outsourcing, in a way, is a lot like healthy eating – It’s a lifestyle change, not some crash diet or a magic pill. You need to work with the right vendors, who constantly work on adjusting to your companies’ needs. We are the obvious choice.

We are the way you gain muscles with zero fat.