Point cloud to Revit: Z-towers in Riga, Latvia by Volko Engineering

The Z-towers are currently the tallest high-rise building in Riga, reaching the height of 123 meters in
the South Tower and 117,5 meters in the North Tower. The skyscrapers’ project was prepared by
NRJA and Tadao & Lukševics, and the facades were designed by the world famous German-American
architect Helmut Jahn.
The North Tower is a residential part of the complex on floors 4-18, the South Towers contains office
spaces on floors 4-13, as well as high-class apartments starting from the 14th floor, and a 900 m2
penthouse on the top floor.


The task at Volko Engineering was to create a Revit model of the first five floors of the
skyscraper. The floors are designed to serve as a public space – restaurants, conference halls, cafes,
shops and 24/7 services, but also a premium class fitness club, SPA and recreation zone and a swimming pool.
This scope was included in the modeling task at Volko Engineering. The model was supposed to
include construction elements, such as columns, capitels, beams, cantilevers, and installation openings,
to be able to compare the original project delivered in 2D (AutoCAD) with the existing conditions.


The point cloud was inspected using Autodesk Recap software and the complete
modeling process took place in Autodesk Revit. In the end plans were prepared to mark the
changes as assigned by the external company.
The building is planned to be completed in the 4th quarter of 2017 and commissioned at the
beginning of 2018, so quite soon it is going to be possible to admire and enjoy the common work done on this skyscraper!